Mighty Mights

The monsoon has arrived.
Who is the tall dark figure that kneels before my disfigured porch?

The monsoon,
            has arrived.

It has come differently this time.
The pace was tighter.
Most landscapes changed in most sights,
The hills grew damp and the tides moved lighter.
What are these?

All these crippling heights,
                        and mighty mights.

It's just not quite the season.


I have come to a conclusion that this is it.

This is it, the moment you've been waiting for.

The open slot; The second act; The chance to gain back what you've lost.

But this is also the other it.

This is the moment you knew too well.

The false sunlight; The fragile barricade; The chance to become the villain of their story.

Sometimes when contemplating between the in-betweens,

You get to say,

"Au revoir,

I never said I was fair."


Three steps, contact

Contact, contact

What I lost, I counted.

Two steps, reverse, contact


The early stains.

       Three steps, forward, contact

Contact, contact

      Conclusion, we've reached to a conclusion.
 One step, contact

                                       Being clever is bleak,


                        Let's leave together.


           Leave it.

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