I have come to a conclusion that this is it.

This is it, the moment you've been waiting for.

The open slot; The second act; The chance to gain back what you've lost.

But this is also the other it.

This is the moment you knew too well.

The false sunlight; The fragile barricade; The chance to become the villain of their story.

Sometimes when contemplating between the in-betweens,

You get to say,

"Au revoir,

I never said I was fair."


Three steps, contact

Contact, contact

What I lost, I counted.

Two steps, reverse, contact


The early stains.

       Three steps, forward, contact

Contact, contact

      Conclusion, we've reached to a conclusion.
 One step, contact

                                       Being clever is bleak,


                        Let's leave together.


           Leave it.

D Flat Major

I hear only myself talking to the other version of my duplicate.
I hear only wuthering spaces in between my own fingers.
I hear only slower versions of my fantasies in D flat major.
I hear only the old echoes of my memories kept inside a hapless box.
I hear only no one in disguise of a familiar acquaintance.
I hear only the movement of my flashbacks making an entrance.

For I am my own,
Slowing down in D flat major.

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