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"Don't you worry, it gets easier."
The world would have been a lot more enjoyable if only that was true.

Truth is, things don't get easier.

You get stronger.

To grow stronger, that is the difficult task.
Many of modern day individuals think that to fully come out alive the way you want yourself to requires you to demolish every weakness you think you have and focus on how to be strong.

Ignoring the whispers of your heart is not the solution.
Avoiding compassion is not the solution.
Holding your chin up high above other people's misery is also, not the solution.

What exactly is strength?
Strength is the capability of absorbing each and every grief that is within you and the ones that happen upon you, and being able to learn to take the blame and control it. 
Learn to take the blame. You can only change what you can control.

Avoiding a problem is not strength.
Being able to pick up a bad thought, to gently put it back down, and still strive in the end, is strength.

To all of you that thinks you're madly flawed: It's alright. Having flaws and all the rough edges inside of you makes you whole, it makes you human. And being human is not something you should be insecure about.

What matters is how you channel the bad energies inside of you whether it's putting it out on a certain media (diary, sketches, etc), through meditation, or to simply vent to a close friend, there are lots of ways to do it.

Strength is a tool. It is a tool to not only survive, but to also be happy and content.

So to all of you out there, have as many experience as possible,
and learn to love yourself.

12 minutes.

00.00 am
i'm smacking my head
00.01 am
your mouth isn't recovering
00.02 am
it didn't sound like you
00.03 am
it did sound like you
00.04 am
i'm not kind
00.05 am
you're not brave
00.06 am
tearful messages are naked
00.07 am
you lie constipated
00.08 am
your words move me still
00.09 am
i had my time
00.10 am
we don't learn
00.11 am
i never learn
00.12 am
we're ice and fire,
you and i.


Just because someone else is doing it doesn't mean you should.
Just because I'm doing it doesn't mean you should.
I never did the things you did.
Please let's come to an unstated understanding.
I hate to see you trying to be someone else that doesn't suit you.
That doesn't suit you.
I know we tend to be what we wish to be, but I wish you dreamt of being something else.
Yes, I'll see you tomorrow.

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